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Patrons are the financial backbone of the choir. Our costs are high. One piece of music can cost up to £5 a copy and there are 50 choristers. We need a rehearsal room, a quality conductor and a skilful pianist (we have both) and they all cost money. Patrons not only contribute to our costs but they are a solid body of friends who support our concerts throughout the year, not just financially but by attending our concerts and some even come on our singing holidays.


Perhaps you would like to join as a patron. For £10 (£19 for a dual membership) you will receive a ticket and preferential seating for our annual Patrons’ concert, regular news of the choir and our grateful thanks for your loyal support. You are also listed as a Patron in our Patrons’ Concert programme.


If you would like to become a patron, ring Mr Bill Bunton on 01977 703418 and he will be pleased to enrol you as a member and you will be supporting a choir that has been singing in Castleford since the General Strike in 1926.

Mr  & Mrs E Ashton

Mr & Mrs F Armitage

Mr & Mrs C Ash

Denis & Eileen  Aspland

Pat & Christine Brennan

Jane Bolderson

Mrs Josie Barr

Mr & Mrs P Briers

Mrs Pamela Burden

Mrs Brenda Caley

Alan & Barbara Carson

David & Christine Cook

Malcolm & Joy Cook

Geoff Cox

Steve & Margaret Crossley

Norman Davis

Pam & Ian Denton

Mrs Carol Dunderdale

Mrs Janet Eaton

Mrs J Featherstone

Phyllis M Garton

Mrs Dorothy Gath

Mr & Mrs R Godley

Jack & Barbara Hardy

Stan & Marjorie Haywood

Mrs J Horsfall

Ian & Kathleen Jessop

Ian & Angela Johnson

Tom & Eileen Johnson

Pat Jones

Mrs Marian Liddle

Mr & Mrs B Martin

Ian & Julie Moss

Mrs Dorothy McNally

Frances Nicholson

John Parton

Mrs Wendy Parton

Mrs Doreen Ramsden

Ken Raper

Esme Rider

Mrs Perine Robson

Mr & Mrs T Rotherforth

Joan & Keith Field

P Sainter

Mrs Susan Sheard

Sue & Ian Sorrell

John Stafford

Mr & Mrs C Stather

Mr & Mrs R Stather

Mrs D Steele

Mrs Lynn Sykes

Brian & Alma Townend

Mrs E Turner

Clr Tony Wallis

Tony Wells

Stan Whitford

Len Worrall

Lewis Wood

Mrs June Fox